Desert Storms

Weather in the desert is amazing. At three o’clock in the morning a HUGE lightening strike woke me up. The crack of the strike and the flash of the light.

How close was it? I start to count. You know it goes; you see the lightening and you count, one-mississippi, two-mississippi. I get to nine and the sound is defening. For five minutes I lie in bed and watch the flashes and listen to the rumbling. Then I get up. Did I roll up the car windows? (Yes, for once) Where is the rain? Oh it too early, I’m going back to bed.

Thankfully I doze on and off, all the time counting, “one-mississippi” somewhere in the back of my mind. Sometime after five am the crack of lightening and roar of thunder was just too much. “Honey, did you hear that crack?” I’m sure hubby is awake. “No, but thanks for waking me up.”

Pink Sunrise 10 15 15
After an amazing early morning storm, the sunrise peaked out for just a moment.
Joshua tree sunrise 10 15
Meanwhile, on the west side of the house the skies are heavy with beautiful clouds and lightening bolts I just could capture.
The storm is moving off to the north.
The storm is moving off to the north.

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